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DirectGlobal Internet Web Services
located in Western New York

We provide web based solutions for people and businesses, both locally and internationally, since 2002…

Offering dependable 24/7 webhosting services and affordable domain name registration that meets or beats the competition!

Along with webhosting and finding the right domain name for less, DirectGlobal specializes in professional & responsive, mobile ready website design that will make your online presence come alive.

Whether you are building a website for the first time, or just need an update on your current website, DirectGlobal can make the difference you or your business is looking for!

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Tim Buttles
Tim Buttles - Owner
about directglobal

In 2002 Tim Buttles started DirectGlobal.  Later after partnering with several top named ISP providers, DirectGlobal began offering low cost internet broadband options to people and businesses located here within the US and the UK.

Around 2007, the main focus of the company changed as it began offering affordable domain name registrations via the DirectGlobal Domains website, as well as providing dependable web hosting services. Later that year until current, DirectGlobal also introduced more personalized web services such as web design, web video creation, graphic design work, & website backup services.